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July 22, 2005




I am so glad that you are writing again I have missed your words and I hope that when fall returns and the air cools down you can run and take in all of the beauty that God puts forth in that beautiful season.



oh susie i am so glad you were walking this morning. sometimes reality is so hard, but the miracle in your walking, is such a beautiful reality.
thank you for writing this, often i forget the miracles that i have , each day, even in the ordinary walks.
much love to you -


I'd imagine these words to be a far more revelatory in your life than a momentary reflection can represent.. I know a little of what asthma might be like, having been using Advair while battling bronchitis for about 4 weeks now. It's been hard for me just to carry a conversation, as much as I'd like to do more of that, and sometimes feel like I run out of things to say, and now to run out of air to say them... :(


Bless you Susie. It's so good to hear your voice again. I'm glad you went for your walk, and I'm especially glad that it was so life-giving for you.



Your words resonate within me. I want to hear more. I had to face facts yesterday that I had to cut back my exercise bike riding from 3 minutes 2X a day to 2 and a half minutes. I still fume and sputter that I have to go back to an earlier time limit. I hate limits! But I love truth.


Amazing how essential it is to be aware of what is happening with our breathing.

But deeper than this you have challenged me to look at the reality of what my heart has been inhaling right now...and I need to look at that honestly to let go of some things!


deep work susie - you're an encouragement to me - owning and facing reality - i'm proud of you, you're in my prayers!


Hope you continue to feel better. Your entry reminds me of what Debbie Ford says in her book, the Dark Side of the Light Chasers... "what we resist persists".

Peace ~


How did I miss this? For miss it I did and I am so sorry - it is an honest post. beautifully written. thank you for writing about your miracle, the facing of reality of the limitations of your body, and the walk where Truth spoke. truth and beauty and grace - I am holding these thoughts in the Light for you right now. Love to you.

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