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March 25, 2005



i have my Aaron, 15...he is now a good 4 inches taller than me...washboard abs...amazing...the cute little bug he used to be has grown up into the amazing young man...
he will turn 16 end of april.

i think we are best friends.

we talk about EVERYTHING...without reservation.

THIS is so cool...but i do know that in not so many more years it will be reduced down to phone calls and emails and the occaisional visit.
its the way it should be.

now, if i could just regain my dear 18 year old daughter....*sigh*...she will call me, i know she will in a few years, when all of a sudden I will have an answer for her..right now she knows it all.



I totally relate - from the addiction to my children (I am not as far along in my recovery as you though) to the addiction to blogging. Raising the girls by myself has heightened that relationship I believe and at 16 1/2 my daughters are not far away from leaving the nest. Having been their mom for my entire adult life I look to that time with both excitment and trepidation and am trying my best to give them wings yet make this next brief moment in our lives as rock solid as possible.


...don't even think about doing another blog post until you've seen at least three more movies with Zack. :)

susie albert miller

took wes' advice... watched the passion, and the incredibles the next day... and lots of march madness.
zack and i had a blast shopping...he is such a great kid!


susie, let me know if you find a 12-step program for this.

although i did find a three-day stint in jamaica was good, especially when there was no computer access. took me a day to relax but it worked. i've not been on nearly as much as i was...


and the babies growing up? you are correct in saying their needs change right along with them. before, we couldn't wait for their first words and the ability to determine what exactly it was that they wanted; now they speak as adults (my almost-21-year-old is brutal now with his uncanny ability to keep up in conversations...) and it is very difficult to know how to discipline someone who is (almost) on your level as far as wit and wisdom.


i enjoy your posts very much :)

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