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February 08, 2006


Connie Knighton

You printed this magnificent sermon and there were no comments? None? Well, just one. Thank you.


This actually is one of the best sermons that I have ever heard.


Bono is an amazing man with an amazing message.

What will WE do?

I want to help stop the genocide in Darfur.

Election Day is coming up.

Think about how you/we can organize around political campaigns, local and national, to get the message out about local divestment in funds that invest in Sudan.

Where is your retirement fund invested? What about that of your union? Where are your city's funds invested?

Don't know? Here's a starting point to find out:

If you live in Washington, D.C., contact at me. I have some ideas, but I need more --ideas and volunteers.

Peace -- with justice.

[email protected]


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