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September 06, 2005



it's been hard to know what to say, but i know there is so much to do...

susie albert miller

in these moments, i am reminded of the fact that a crisis of this magnitude can overwhelm us because there is so much to be done, and often times being overwhelmed can lead to paralysis. In these moments of knowing that i cannot do everything, i remember the words of a wise friend, that i can do something, and that is what i am called to do...not everything, but something...and this truth mobilizes me in the threat of being overwhelmed,

Connie Knighton

Rich Swingle, actor and man of God from New York taught us at The Salvation Army Territorial School for Music and Gospel Arts how to pray using enacted prayer. We used this tool to pray for Katrina survivors, aid workers and governments when the news first penetrated the strange isolation surrounding all camping experiences. This past Sunday I used the same tool of enacted prayer in our miniscule congregation at Walker's Point, Muskoka. It brought alive the reality of the situation and the power of God to heal and comfort in traumatic situations. Amen

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