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August 18, 2005



Susie, I enjoy your posts. I thought I would comment to let you know that when I clicked on the 30,000 link, it came up, but the sign up sheet on the right on that Sojourners page had your address and everything in it. I just wanted to let you know that link still had your address in it. You might not care if anyone sees that, but if you do, I am letting you know.
Good blog by the way.

susie albert miller

thanks ben, i fixed it;)

Connie Knighton

The discipline of fasting was not a part of my tradition. On the contrary, those pot luck suppers were a staple of our family and community life. I have been drawn to the notion of fasting more and more and your post encourages me to follow through.

I have seen real hunger face to face, children with swollen bellies from malnutrition, the end stages of starvation, extremities swollen with edema, the extreme weakness, the staring eyes. But it is not for this reason...for this solidarity that I think I am called to fast. It is so that I can be empty enough for God to fill me.

Think I need to be held accountable on this one.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Excellent blog. Keep it up!


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