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August 05, 2005



Thank you Susie. This is such an honest, authentic look at addiction. Your approach takes away the shame and stigma and reveals the deeper issues surrounding addictions -- an important step to healing.

I look forward to the next part!


Thanks for this, Susie. I'm going to link to this entry on the RevGalBlogPals page (


This was a brutally honest entry and I benefited from reading it a lot. But am I right in thinking you are saying that all addictions are addictions, and none worse than the other?

All of them are escapism. All of them lead to self sufficiency and lack of reliance on God. But some addictions do harm those we love or who love us more than others don't they?

maybe you'll address this in part 3. Looking forward to it -food for thought for me :)

Mike Morrell

Wow, thanks for this, sister. I am going to continue reading with interest.


Susie - I have printed these off, something the green part of me rarely does! My oldest son and I were talking the other day about his deceased dads addictions. It was hard for me to acknowlege that although his dad's drug dependancy was so much more destructive, my own soul numbing ways also created pain in my son's lifes. And challenged him to think of how we 'tries to get life to work' and how that harms himself and others. I think I will have him read these words, and see where that leads this conversation. Thank you for writing this.


Clarification: His dad's addictions appeared to be so much more destructive, but who can measure the damage done to a soul?


amazing work susie, can't wait to read it with a binding in my hand! :)

bob c

blessing on you for such a wonderful, brave post

susie albert miller

thanks for these comments...they encourage me to continue down this path of unfolding my thoughts and struggles... my server has been down and is just back up today, so i am hoping to get another post up today or about addictions...three days without wifi;)


Susie, the tears are falling.
I will print this to read it again and ponder the truths in it.
I am heading to MHGS for a course this weekend on story. But what really hits me is the referance to the internal bleeding. In some ways my soul is hemoraging these days - again. Thank you for this insight.


What strikes me is how understanding addictions in this way is an equalizer for us all. I might not struggle with cocaine addiction, but my addiction to self-absorbtion and selfishness with my time is just as destructive and against God's will.
Good stuff...thanks.

susie albert miller

thanks for the questions... i am not saying that all addicitons have the same impact on the world around us, or on those who are harmed by the fallout of another's addicitons. there are some actions and behaviors that are far more damaging than others... what i am saying is that there is a common root to addicitve behavior, and that is the refusal to live in the pain of this fallen world and the demand for a variety of means.
this is the starting point, a point from which we cannot judge others, but instead enter into discussion with an honesty about our own hearts.

thanks to all of you who have commented here or emailed me... these posts have grown from the humble privilege to walk with others through the hell of addictions, as well as coming face to face with my own personal choices of escape and in the midst of sorrow and pain, in struggle and tension, in the silence of God is difficult. I have come to understand a bit better why Jesus was called a man of sorrows....


I only just noticed the term bleeding soul. It's very apt.

thank you again for this writing. It's helpful, realistic and also encouraging.

We all struggle with a lot - whether our own addictions or those of a loved one. Facing them in one of the hardest things I know. Dealing with them isn't easy.

the love and support network is vital.

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