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July 29, 2005



i felt honored to get an email from her...but a phone call! luckyyyyyyy. i'll have to do another post like you b/c these images are just so powerful and their voices need to be heard. thanks susie.


I liked to these and found myself sitting with each painting and pondering it.
Now, after watching Hotel Rwanda, I sit again with this issue.
It is such a powerful message because women are being terrorized into silence and then into total ostracization.
This is also, to a degree, what happens to the girls of Eastern Europe who are taken into sex slavery - when they return home (if they ever do) they are social outcasts and the church is one of the biggest perpetrators of this behaviour.
Susie - what can we do to help these women? What can we do to give them a voice, dignity, and a practical place to live their lives?

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