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July 25, 2005



servant leadership - my fear is that this term becomes just another step by step process. First step - be a servant, second step - lead. Len and I talk often of process by obediance vs process by technique. I think the same thought process applies to leadership by obediance vs leadership by technique. Obediance as defined by being present to the Spirit and following the call of Jesus. That cannot be defined or made into a step-by-step process. And, IMHO, I think it is impossible for a heirarchial church structure to function in leadership by obediance. And just as we know not how to be present to each other, few of us know how to be present to Holy Presence. For me, it always seems to go back to that place. Being present in Holy Presence and following the leadings of the Spirit, both individually and in community.



I am enjoying your thoughts here. What came to mind as sort of an example is the movie "The Last Samurai". Specifically, the relationship between Tom Cruise's (Captain Nathan Algren) and Ken Watanabe's character (Katsumoto). There is that dynamic of presence and interdependence you talked about. Anways...just a thought.



Well, I don't know that the structure within a church is as important as the mood within the structure. I don't think hierarchy is wrong if this question is constantly on the mind, 'what does it look like to live out the gospel here?' In the church I am at I have great freedom in many ways as I minister each day. Very good stuff.
Yet, every month or two I just get soul-skewered. It's as if when dealing with 'business' it isn't important how we relate. It's taking a toll on my soul. There is a mood of fear and mistrust in our organization. Sadly, I don't think it will change. Somedays I want to go update my MBA and just go make money. If we aren't going to worry about how we treat each other I'll just go where I more expect that and get my bills paid off.
That, I know, would kill my soul even more. It's a time of trust and active waiting for me.
I'm reading a book called Art and Fear. This morning I read about an artist being willing to live in uncertainty to move through debilitating fear. I feel at this time I'm called to live in the uncertainty of at one moment being trusted and believed in and the next being mistrusted and doubted. I'm learning a lot about my own desires and expectations.
I think your response to Wes about presence is right on.
Thanks for letting me ramble here. I (see me looking to the left and then the right) don't feel safe sharing this on my own blog. :)

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