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July 23, 2005



I loved the book. I love how it sucks you in and you can't put it down - you are a good woman for sharing it. I also was amazed at the ending and am left wondering how she will finish it in only one book . . .

I also think parents who are banning the book are missing something. These books highlight our responsibility to work for good in a world that doesn't always support us. It deals with evil in a complex and realistic way that I think is helpful for those of us in the liberal frame of mind who have a hard time knowing what to do with evil.


Foreseeing exactly the situation that you are discussing, times the four readers in our house, I splurged and ordered the book on CD, as well as the book. The book stayed in my car trunk until we were through listening to the book on CD. Last week, in the midst of the heat, we holed up in our living room and listened to the book being read by Jim Dale.It reminded me of when the boys were little and we would have special nights, light some candles, and I would read the book of choice until I could read no more. Anyway, I loved the book and the four days of rest as we listened to the story continue to unfold. I have tried to rework the ending in my mind to take away the evil, and can't. Can't. Can't. That frusturates me more than I like to admit. Well worth reading....


a CD, what a terrific idea! then we could all listen together. we used to have read-alouds too, not only at home, but it was a great way to pass time on long car trips before portale electronics:(

i had harry potter dreams last night and i cannot re-work the ending either... though kate and i tried to imagine that it is a ruse, a ploy that will be revealed in book seven...(however we thought/hoped the same about Sirius and were wrong:(


Susie, good to hear that you all seemed to want to read it. No one else in my family gets why I love to read these books. But there are all about the important things in life included in the books. Your right, the ending was sad, but that happens in life too. I can not wait for the last one! Bring it on!!

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