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June 01, 2005



in regards to 'they.' i suppose we are all 'they' @ some point. but i will quote my child favorite. gi joe 'knowing is half the battle.' thanks to those for helping us know.


let me know when you'll be going - and we're in northern va as well - we don't have a big house - but we have a place for someone to sleep - so we'll extend the offer... :)


Thats awesome! It makes me wish I was on the East Coast! I look forward to reading about your experiences there.


oh come on jimmy ;) it's only like a 3 hour plane ride :) and i've know that you've got a plane at your disposal :)

susie albert miller

i will definitely be there on june 19th and july 10th. our church has also agreed to let folks stay if we get a big group! so lets rally around this and make a statement with our bodily presence!


Susie, Let me know what days you're heading down. I would love to be a part of this! Thanks for bringing it my attention!

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