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April 10, 2005



honestly, i don't know what to call god, sometimes i feel it all still a huge mystery, and sometimes i find myself not addressing god by a name, because in a way it somehow acknowledges that i know god well - like i would know a casual acquaintance, and at times i don't feel as though i know anything about god... the mystery of it all is to me so foreign at times, that i don't have a name at all, something feels to simple about it. i am not sure if that makes sense, partially because i've never voiced why it is that i feel that way at times. but thank you for what you wrote..
much love - natala


Susie I really like this post. Lately I have been asking myself these questions because I find I am moving away for the traditional titles and finding ones that make me sway and lean into the Divine. The Hebrew names of Yahweh and Yeshua seem to have more breath to them ( I realize there is an acutual breathing when you say them) and yet I also find that addressing Dio and Spirito Santo, using Italian, a language connected to my stay there that breathed freedom. Addressing the Divine is linking, for me, to the connection that happens when I use words that are not my traditional ones, which hold great judgement and legalism.
Thank you for your nudging into this area of thought.


thank you for that post.
when in prayer i most often refer to God as Father. It's comforting for me.
when i'm singing praise i use Jesus. not sure why. it comes from the deep recesses of my heart. and i can visualize it more, this man like me.
when i'm writing i use many different names. prince of peace, lord, comforter, holy God, teacher, yaweh...
i like your use of G-D.
the last couple of years have been a real exploration on my part of G-D and church as things in my life that deserve my utmost reverance.
i first knew Him as a friend and father.
i am knowing learning about Him as the creator and incomprehensible eternal one.



I usually write God full out, but I do have problems with pronouns. I have a panentheistic perspective of God, it makes not just the "default" masculine pronoun unacceptable; it also makes personal pronouns, period, feel terribly discordant. Often I use "This" (when emphasizing the everywhere-ness of God, or divine attribute or possessives) or "That" (when emphasizing That transcendence or unknowability). "Such" sometimes works where joining clauses makes This or That impossible. "That" has a historic use in vedanta, just as "G-d" does in Judaism.

An example:
For God so loved the world, that Such gave This only-begotten Son.

However, usually I do fall back on the defaults for ease and naturalness of communication. Thanks for actually going for it and making it part of your writing style.


Thanks for this articulate post. I too have been asked more than once to explain why I use G-d. Your post sums up the more-than-once explanations I've given.


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