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April 17, 2005



Beautiful words. I'm adding a link to your site. I think it so like G-d that I am reading Wes about tears and get sent to you on laughter. Thanks.


Yes, this is beautiful re-framing that rings so true.


I had never thought of the story in this way. Thanks. I love that Sarah laughs, even if it is out of cyncism rather than joy - I love that we are able to laugh at our Creator and be fully human (I'm not sure if I was Sarah and that old that I would believe the promise of a dusty stranger) and that God still fulfills God's promises to us. Thanks for giving me a new way of thinking about the text.


Susie, :-)

Thanks for this amazing perspective. We are midrashing this text (Genesis 18:1-15)tomorrow at Panera and preaching on it this weekend. Your insight opens a whole new lens...


Whereas I appreciate your elaboration on the view of a woman who so desperately longs for a child of her own (and we know Sarah waited 24 years before she had the chosen Isaac), I feel that you are neglecting God's response to Sarah's laughter, the God who knows all our thoughts. For He asks Abraham, "Is anything too Hard for the Lord?" This seems to imply a little more to Sarah's laughter than delight.

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