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April 07, 2005



Interesting thoughts susie. Yes, I can see where innocence lost is place of possibility. Perhaps there is the natural shedding of childhood inoocence that occurs as one grows and matures, and then there is the ripping away that occurs when one is traumatized or needs to grow up to quickly? Either way, I like how you state it is seeing things with a different lens. This idea of it being an invitation to something other --- I think, as we become adults, and are serving the work of our lives, not working our lives, - it is an invitation to trust and move into the goodness of the Creator juxtaposed with living in the reality of the dark/light of the world. As you write "there is a cost to growing up, to seeing the truth, and even more to speaking it." Often, I think, as women, we have abdicated that responsibility and that cost under the soul-deafening misdefinations of submission and self-sacrifice.

First read - I missed your touching description of seeing it fade from the whites of your childrens eyes. My expereince as a mother was different, but what you have written has given me new vision also. And, I do believe this is a truth that is 'dying' to be heard. That innocence was not lost forever, and that good was not subverted - the truth of Genesis 1-3. Thanks for the discussion - you have prompted me further on this journey.

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