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March 01, 2005



susie, susie, susie....
you have NO need to feel any jealousy at all.
I have seen your writings and quick notes to me.
You are beautiful beyond description.
Your beauty seeps thru each note you write and you have a way of extending that personal hug thru your words.

Don't shrink back, dont be jealous. Embrace the gifts of others and know that you shine like a diamond in the midst of all the other jewels the Father has given the world. Does the Sapphire feel jealous of the Emerald? Does a pearl envy a ruby?

now i will go off to witness the magnificent gift of my sister in her beautiful blog...

Laura Maffe


You nut, When I was reading your words on your blog today, I have to admit I have often been jealous of you and what a beautiful you are and all the gifts you have. You know how I struggle with comparison, but I know that if I had not meant you and the gifts you bring my life would be very different and I would be very sad. I love Ya Laura


i am touched by both of your comments, thank you for your encouraging words. i am able to be this honest about the dark side of me, because after years of searching, hiding, struggling to just be me, i am growing in my sense of self and all that i have to offer. i can reveal both my strengths and my weakness, my victories and defeats in the process of becoming, rather than living in the "myth of arriving."

i am at my best when i live from this place of rest in who G-d made me to be as a unique vessel, a pot of clay-"me-shaped" to reveal a facet of the mystery of the Incomprehensible G-d. at 42 years old this is an increasingly familiar and comfortable place and it is awesome.

i don't think we need to be afraid of feeling jealous- i think it is what we do with the feeling that is the issue. so often we pretend that we don't have 'unacceptable' feelings and they just lie in the dark and fester. God can handle any and all of our feelings regardless of what they are, as evidenced in the psalms. i think that naming a feeling is important, then it loses it power and hold and is brought to light...we can be free to deal with it.

i can truly stop comparing and start enjoying if i don't pretend that i am never jealous. once i name the feeling and bring it to the Light, then i can be responsive rather than reactive and i can live as a bridesmaid, midwife and mother to the giftedness and beauty of others.

this is the intent of my name a reality that scares and ensnares us as women and hopefully to offer a different lens to use on the journey toward truth.
shalom, susie


Just wanted to say how much this post meant to me. I stumbled onto your blog and I read it at a time in my life when I struggle with my feelings of envy against other women. Women who are talented, women who I'm proud to call my friends. And my thoughts have shamed me, but they also make me human. Thank you for your powerful words and the impact they made on me.



my comment got so long i made it a seperate blog post. i don't know that i'll get it done before i head back to bed, but it'll make it's appearance before the weekend is over!

amazing thoughts!

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